Nevada Salvage Yards

Sometimes you just can't find that part that you're looking for. Either the dealership wants an outrageous amount of money for it, or they don't even stock it any more. It's not terribly uncommon for car manufacturers to stop making parts for cars ten years or less after they are sold and, often, third party manufacturers may be slow to start production, or may they may not ever if the demand isn't there. Regardless of why the parts aren't always available, you still need it. This is when it's time to hit one of Nevada's great salvage yards!

Finding The Part You Need Is Now Easier Than Ever

Not too long ago, finding a part at a salvage yard included driving from yard to yard, hoping they had a car that would have similar enough parts to fit your needs. If you didn't find one in any of the cities nearby, what next? Drive all around Nevada looking for a single part? Sometimes there was no other choice. You could call from yard to yard, but once you ventured outside the area for which you had a phone book, you were pretty much out of luck.

With the Internet, all of that has changed. Many of Nevada's major salvage yards now have a presence on the web along with databases of all of their parts, which are searchable here. If nothing else, finding their numbers is simple with our city by city directory. Most salvage yards have no problem shipping parts around the state, so you may not have to drive at all, which is a good thing if your car isn't running.

Are Parts From Salvage Yards As Good As New Parts?

In some ways, parts from a Nevada salvage yard are better than new. Most mechanics, or anyone who has had a lot of experience working on cars will tell you that sometimes aftermarket parts just don't fit. The worst is when you're putting the car back together and discover that something isn't quite right after the culprit is already attached to the car. Then the auto parts store doesn't want to take the part back because it's no longer sellable as new.

Even if the part does fit, was it made to the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer? Was it made for your car, or for another car but, since it just happens to fit, the part numbers are the same? You really never know.

Parts from one of Nevada's salvage yards will always fit. Many times the parts are going to be original equipment. That's right, the same part you would have gotten at the dealership at a fraction of the price of the aftermarket part. And because the part was made specifically to fit your car by the people who know best, the manufacturer, salvage yard parts will often outlast brand new aftermarket parts. Even if it's not original equipment, it came off of a car just like yours, so it will certainly fit.